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Drift Diameter Gauge

Versatile Drill Tool Gauge

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Versatile Drill Tool Gauge

Versatile Drill Tool Gauge is a new type special tool to measure the drill tool which is developed and improved based on  the  original bit  gage. It extends  the  measuring range to  the maximum, and has improve the disadvantage of the original bit gage.which is short measuring range to make the measuring range limited, and meet the more requirements in filed use. It also adopts a new design of aluminum alloy shell,not only ensured the anti-corrosion of the drill tool gauge, but also reduces the self-weight of the gauge body to the maximum extend.

It can measure the different kinds of bit,drilling tool stabilizer,casing stabilizer, fit joint, drill collar, drill pipe, fishing tool, and to measure
the O.D. or inclusive O.D. of other objects with different sizes, which are within it’s measuring range. It is simple and practical, and is convenient to take reading.

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